Buying an accordion online

I would always suggest buying your accordion from a trusted music shop or retailer, whether in a physical shop or online.

But with the rise of online auction sites and online classified advert sites, we cannot ignore the issue of buying an accordion from this sort of online site.

In just the same way that budget is important when buying an accordion in a shop, this is just as important if buying in an online auction. Perhaps more so.

Before agreeing to any purchase, ask the seller lots of questions about the accordion:

Find out for example

  • How old is the accordion?
  • Do all the keys and buttons work?
  • Is there any damage to it?   
  • Can you go and see it?
  • Can you see more photos?
  • What is the returns policy?

If the seller is not keen on answering or is vague with answers, maybe it is best not to go ahead.

I think it would be worthwhile trying to collect the accordion in person, not only would that save on delivery costs and potential damage whilst in transit, but it would also give you the opportunity of checking the accordion out before you accept it. Obviously, if you are meeting up with someone off an internet site, you will want to take some basic safety precautions, such as meeting in a public place or possibly taking someone along with you.

Having said all of that, if the price is one you are happy to risk losing and you are willing to take a punt in an online auction, good luck.