Top tips for buying an accordion

Ten top tips for buying an accordion

Two accordions

Here are my top tips to consider when buying an accordion

  1. BASSES – having 96 or 120 bass buttons will give more flexibility. Fewer might limit your playing in the future
  2. BUDGET – Stick to your budget. Decide what an accordion is worth to you
  3. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – Get a feel for the instrument, check all is working and is there a guarantee on the accordion? Especially if buying second hand
  4. TRUSTED SELLER – Buy from someone you trust, be that a shop, online retailer or friend – My online shop Free the Reed is available here.
  5. SECONDHAND – Pre-owned accordions can offer great value for money. Many shops and online retailers have a good selection
  6. BRAND – Bear in mind accordions are made in various countries and in varying quality. Do not assume that a European sounding name on an accordion means that it is made in Europe
  7. PIANO OR BUTTON – This is very much personal taste, but if you are going for a button accordion, make sure you know which system it uses and if you are going for lessons, can your teacher teach button accordion?
  8. SYSTEM – There are pros and cons for the different button systems. Make sure your teacher is comfortable teaching the system you choose before buying
  9. ONLINE AUCTION SITES – Only use these if you know what you are getting or if you fancy a punt on an accordion
  10. RESELLING – A good quality accordion, that has been well looked after should have a good resell value