Top ten tips for looking after an accordion

My top 10 tips for looking after your accordion

two accordions

  1. Cleaning – never use strong chemical cleaners. Dry and polish with a soft cloth only.
  2. Case – when not in use for prolonged periods store your accordion in its case. A hard case helps to protect your instrument, but a soft case is lighter to carry.
  3.  Keys or buttons – be careful not to knock the keys or buttons, especially when putting the accordion into or taking it out of its case.
  4. Storage – store your accordion in the same position as when you play. This keeps the valves and palettes in their best alignment.
  5. Avoid damp – avoid damp conditions for storage as these can result in warping of the wooden frame and rust on metal parts.
  6. Avoid heat – avoid extremes of temperature, especially be wary of storing your accordion in a hot place, which could soften or melt the wax used to hold the reeds in place.
  7. Avoid shock – accordions are made up of hundreds of individual parts. Although generally robust, avoid sudden sharp knocks which can cause misalignment of the levers, palettes or reeds.
  8. Bellows – Do not allow anyone to pull your accordion open unless a key or button is being depressed at the same time.
  9. Strap – the strap and in particular, buckles can cause damage to the outside of your accordion and its keys. So store your accordion with the straps folded behind the accordion away from the keyboard and bass buttons
  10. Use it! Don’t store your accordion for long periods, take it out of its case, play it and enjoy it!