Accordion lessons

Accordion lesson

Accordion lessons can be very fulfilling

Learning to play the accordion can be a very fulfilling and rewarding experience. The accordion is a very versatile musical instrument and as such can be used to play a wide range of musical styles.

Although often considered to be a ‘folk’ instrument, its versatility means that students can play a very wide repertoire, including classical, pop, jazz and Irish dance music. To highlight two extremes, I have one student who tours with a punk rock band and in the UK, two music conservatoires have classical accordion programmes up to postgraduate level.

Most people learn to play the accordion so they can enjoy playing music on it. For this reason, I aim to build technique by tackling the technical difficulties necessary to master each new piece.

This usually involves looking at

  • How to find the most efficient finger patterns and hand positions.
  • How to use the bellows and the various ways they interact with the fingers.
  • Co-ordinating the two hands with the bellows.
  • Developing a personal sense of musicality by utilising  the expressive qualities unique to the Accordion.

No two people learn to play the accordion in the same way and I work with students to develop the best approach for them and my accordion lessons are tailored to the individual student.

Over the years, it has become increasingly evident that people learn best when playing tunes that interest and inspire them the most. I work with students to find the styles of music that interest them, usually styles they enjoy listening to, and use this as a basis for the type of pieces to be taught.

It has always been known that students who are able to do plenty of practice outside of the music lessons progress best. This practice or homework is essential in developing skills and allows students to get the best out of their lesson time. This is another reason for choosing pieces you enjoy, as it makes it so much more pleasurable to practice at home.

Most adult students start off with an hour long lesson each week. For young children, a weekly half hour lesson is usually best although advanced accordionists may benefit from longer less frequent lessons.

Accordion lessons are available Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm and Saturdays 9am to 5pm. Please get in touch to discuss availability.

Trial accordion lessons
If you are completely new to the accordion, I recommend that you have a trial lesson to find out more.Click here to contact me.